UK manta ray spy drone may soon protect Navy marine graves

British Navy officials are reacting to the looting of sunken World War II ships with promises to protect the graves of the hundreds of UK sailors who went down with those vessels. How will they do that? Possibly with a silent UK underwater manta ray spy drone.

Manta robot may soon protect sunken warships from grave robbing looters

During a recent visit to the US WWII memorial at Pearl Harbor, UK Royal Navy Chief Admiral Sir Tony Radakin vowed to protect the Pacific Ocean sites where British warships were sunk by Japanese forces. Among those were heavy cruiser HMS Exeter, and destroyers HMS Encounter and HMS Electra, which went down with over 200 sailors in 1942. Though those and other allied craft that were sunk in battle have been declared war graves, looters have repeatedly targeted the vessels. Several warships were reportedly pilfered in 2019 by Chinese salvagers who stripped them down for scrap metal.

In linking those “sacrosanct” graves to the ones at Pearl…