We thought it might be fun to pop into the platform and check out some of the TikTok drone accounts. And, well, we’re impressed.

There are a ton of talented First-Person-View drone pilots out there – as well as pilots of more traditional drones. We regularly feature videos we find on YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and other channels. And then we realized: We haven’t been checking TikTok for drone accounts. So we decided to do just that.

And we’re very glad we did.

TikTok drone accounts impress

When we did a simple search for “drone,” TikTok pumped a few of the highest-profile accounts our way, starting with droneporn, which has 1.8 million followers. After checking out a few posts, it’s easy to see why. The FPV piloting is first-rate.

Check out “Natural Gatorade,” which features some very impressive dives through trees until the pilot is effortlessly gliding over the surface of water the color of Gatorade:


“Finally a real TikTok fairy,”…


Source: dronedj.com