Mourinho’s drones film soccer training for immediate critiques- DroneDJ

European soccer coach José Mourihno has been called many, many things in his career ­– “innovative” being among the few printable descriptions. Now the man who ever so modestly once nicknamed himself “The Special One” is using drones to film soccer training sessions in the hopes they’ll help get some of his former winning mojo back.

As anyone knows who follows global football (aka soccer to North American types), Mourinho has established himself as a figure one either loves or loathes – frequently the latter. When he hasn’t been baiting rivals or unabashedly boasting about his wins and titles – which have been many – the Portuguese tactician has been creating very public (and, always, terminal) bad blood with other coaches, referees, members of his own staffs, star players, and pretty much anyone else around. 

There therefore must be just a little bit of apprehension among the current members of his AS Roma squad about what Mourinho’s actual…