Friends don’t let friends fly a drone while drunk. You know it, we know it. But it appears this 56-year-old man in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture doesn’t know it. For he thought it would be OK to take a long-forgotten drone out for a spin after guzzling eight 350 ml cans of beer.

The incident happened last month but is gaining traction in Japanese media only now, as the police investigation into the matter progresses.

On June 12, a 56-year-old unemployed resident of Toyota City found himself faced with a horrible, boring, tedious task: cleaning up the house. A morning binge-drinking session ensued, because you know how annoying things seem less annoying when you’re buzzed?

And it was while this man was trying to find order and beauty in self-created chaos that he stumbled upon a drone that he had bought a few years ago. Eager to see if the thing still worked, the man fired up the 1.2-lb (540 g) machine and ended up colliding with a neighbor’s window.

The neighbor called…