Expanding DHL drone activities with middle-mile UAV deliveries

Global logistics giant DHL says it’s expanding its drone activities with middle-mile uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) deliveries. First flights of the same-day service are expected later this year.

Bulgarian UAV service group at center of longer drone delivery developments

To expand what has thus far been DHL’s deployment of smaller drones for limited last-mile operations, the freight forwarder has teamed up with Bulgarian automated craft manufacturer and service company Dronamics. Under the deal, DHL will extend its drone activities with new middle-mile UAV deliveries on medium-distance, cross-border, and inter-city missions. The development follows Donamics inking a deal last month with the German-based Hellmann Worldwide Logistics for flights on longer trans-European deliveries. 

Motivations behind both partnerships are similar. The turn to automated airborne options seek to speed supply chains that remain severely disrupted by the global pandemic. Flights of…