Zoo appeal to drone pilots: Steer clear of our animals

Operators of the Emperor Valley Zoo in Trinidad and Tobago have had to issue a no-fly warning after a drone was spotted navigating an area housing the facility’s giraffes. That simple (and what should be obvious) message: buzz off.

Zoo animals buzzed by obnoxious drone

Located in Trinidad capital Port of Spain, Emperor Valley was forced to post the appeal on its Facebook page Sunday after a “drone was flown inside of the giraffe enclosure at the zoo.” The bonehead flight would be a terrible idea around any animals in a zoo, but it was particularly dim-witted near creatures that, like giraffe, are known to bolt when spooked in the wild.

“We are pleading with persons to not use their drone over the zoo, as this frightened the animals and could have caused the giraffe to stampede, in doing so severe injury could have occurred,” the Emperor Valley Zoo’s post read. “This type of equipment causes stress and discomfort to any animal in close proximity, we are…