FSU drone experts condo disaster missions provide key data

Scores of search and rescue workers at Miami’s Champlain Towers site have been nothing short of heroic in their hunt for victims buried by the building’s June 24th collapse. Among those are a team of Florida State University (FSU) drone experts gathering evidence at the condo disaster that may explain why the structure crumbled – and provide information on how similar failures may been avoided in the future.

FSU drones mapping rubble for survivors, failure clues

The crew from FSU’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program and the Center for Disaster Risk Policy were dispatched to the site less than a day after the building crumbled. The team of four drone experts have been operating hundreds of missions over the condo disaster area, collecting more than 35,000 images. As has been the case with other responders to the tragedy, objectives of the FSU team have shifted with time, and the chances of finding survivors dwindled. 

“What it boils down to is,…