It’s difficult to imagine the scale of the tragedy caused by torrential rains and flooding in Germany, Belgium, and elsewhere. But drones can help give us — and, more importantly, First Responders — a bigger picture. And one drone video shows a massive sinkhole in Germany.

One of the latest reports from BBC World News says more than 150 people have been killed, and hundreds are still missing. When we first reported on this disaster, the number of fatalities was reported at more than 70.

Sadly, that number has more than doubled, and it’s quite possible it will double (or more) again.

Early days

When disasters like this happen, they hit the headlines for a few days, and then people not directly impacted tend to forget about it. News organizations (and we’ve worked for them) move on to the next headline. But this tragedy will be felt for months, if not longer. People have had their lives completely upended. Many have lost their homes, businesses, and even loved ones….