XPeng shares footage of its X2 electric flying car

A new flying car prototype with autonomous capabilities has been unveiled by XPeng Huitian, a division of XPeng Motors in China. The X2, as its being called, is the fifth-generation flying car from XPeng, and according to the company’s Chairman and CEO, “marks another step closer to a more widely available and safe flying car.”

XPeng Motors ($XPEV) is a Chinese EV manufacturer founded in 2014 and headquartered in Guangzhou. The company went public last summer on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), raising $1.5 billion. Since 2018, the company has launched two EVs — the G3 SUV, followed by the P7 sedan in 2019.

XPeng recently announced pre-orders for a new sedan model called the P5 at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. In addition to electric vehicles, XPeng has dabbled in flying car technologies through its wholly owned company, XPeng Huitian.

In addition to the P5 announcement at the Shanghai Auto Show this year, XPeng unveiled a fourth-generation flying car…