What do India’s new drone rules mean for the commercial industry?

COVID air travel bans may continue to frustrate holidaymakers, but in India, the skies are finally opening up for business. Only four months after it was introduced, India has junked a contentious drone policy that made industry compliance virtually impossible. Taking its place is the new Draft Drone Rules 2021.

These proposed regulations will swap a tedious and complex multi-level licensing system with a regime of trust, self-certification, and non-intrusive monitoring. It’s a big step forward. And a pretty bold one too, especially when you consider the hysteria over an alleged weaponized drone attack just days ago.

So, is the government finally admitting that the benefits of drone use outweigh the risks in a major way? Niharika Kolte, founding partner, Drone Tech Solutions, agrees. She tells DroneDJ:

From what I thought was almost a death blow to the drone industry in India, the new draft rules have come as a sigh of relief to all of us. I think this government has…