Shocking drone footage shows mass baby flamingo deaths in Turkey

At least 1,000 baby flamingo carcasses – some partially buried in the mud – have been discovered at Turkey’s Lake Tuz. Horrifying drone footage captured above the dried-out lake bed has alarmed environmentalists who say climate change, drought, and unsustainable farming practices are to blame.

Located in the central province of Konya, Lake Tuz is the second largest in Turkey and one of the largest hyper-saline lakes in the world. It is also one of the largest natural breeding colonies of flamingos globally. Every year, up to 10,000 flaminglets are born here. But this year, only 5,000 flamingo eggs hatched. And even then, most of the baby birds perished because of a lack of water.

Mehmet Emin Öztürk, a nature photographer who frequents the area during summers, tells Ihlas News Agency:

Lake Tuz in Turkey used to be a paradise for flamingos, but now it has turned into a nightmare. This was a wetland where you could see hundreds of flamingos last year. This time,…