New Zealand drone company speeds pace of nation’s effort to plant a billion trees

A home-grown drone services company has considerably accelerated New Zealand’s drive to plant a billion trees by 2028 through aerial drops of so-called “seed bombs.”

Kiwi pilots use drone in national project to plant a billion trees

North Island company Evico Technologies began trials dropping a substance it prefers to call “seed pods” as a supplement to the hand planting of trees in the Auckland region Hūnua Ranges – its drone contribution to the 2017 project to plant 1 billion trees by 2028. The 400-square-kilometer area in the Waharau Regional Park has been receiving a lot of the activity under New Zealand’s reforestation plan.The manual planting approach within that had proven sluggish, and hadn’t progressed as hoped. In flies Evico Technologies with its seed pod-dropping drones, and the pace has picked up considerably.

The company ­­– which has been central to successful environmental operations to protect native wildlife on Pacific islands from…