Troops using a counter drone system

Source: Citadel Defense

Counter-drone company Citadel Defense has captured $4 million in government contracts from an undisclosed, American government agency in an effort to keep rogue drones – some piloted by terrorists – away from military operations.

Over the last few years, insurgent groups have begun using drones in combat environments to harm personnel and equipment in the field. Citadel deploys counter-drone systems to a global client base, offering protection from rogue drone missions such as drone attacks in Armenia and the Middle East.


The agency bought Citadel’s Titan system for pre-deployment training, mobile security, and fixed site protection. The system uses AI, machine learning and electronic countermeasures to prevent a nefarious drone from penetrating protected airspace.

The Titan system also generates a post mission analysis report that highlights threat activity patterns to equip ground command with mission-critical insights.