While we wait for the next DJI rumor to play out, we wanted to share some tips and hints based on years of experience flying a broad range of drones. We’re very lucky because product manufacturers regularly send us new products to test and review, and the best ones usually end up in our drone bag for the long term.

Some of the accessories, like a lens pen, are usable with all of our drones. Drone-specific accessories like ND filters, obviously don’t.

We’ve been flying the DJI Air 2S since it came out, so here are the best accessories we always carry with us.

Smart Controller

We’re really happy that DJI unlocked the Smart Controller for the Air 2S. The glare-free bright screen lets you see clearly even in the brightest sunlight. And with options to record to the Controller, plus it’s great battery life we always grab it before we go flying.

Compatible with a range of drones from the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 to the Mini 2, it’s no wonder the Smart Controller has a “Buy…


Source: dronereviewsandnews.com