Tribune News Service

New Delhi, July 11

The investigation into the Jammu Air Force Station drone attack has revealed that the technique of “pressure fuse” used in the bombs indicates the role of Pakistan army or the ISI in helping the Lashkar-e-Toiba in fabricating the IEDs, sources in the probe agency said.

First-of-its-kind terror strike

  • June 27: Two blasts rock the IAF base in Jammu, injuring two IAF personnel
  • 1.37 am: The first blast rips off concrete roof of a single-storey building in technical area of airport manned by Indian Air Force
  • 1.42 am: Another bomb explodes in an open area

Impact needed to trigger device, used in minefields

  • A ‘pressure fuse’ is usually put to use in minefields and bombs dropped by the air force
  • Such devices get activated on forceful impact or when run over by some vehicle or person
  • That is the reason why they don’t explode in the air, but only on a forceful impact