Officials call for stricter vigil on drone use | Chennai News

CHENNAI: To prevent drones from posing a risk to aircraft and for security, the DGCA has drawn up rules that bars people from flying drones without registering them and has also strengthened rules to penalise violators. Flying drones that weigh as low as 250g aat altitudes from 50ft to 200ft, even if it is to capture weddings, will need approval and an operator’s permit.
Nevertheless, officials call for stricter monitoring to prevent spread of widespread use.
The new DGCA rules notified in March this year says drones should not be flown within 5km of an airport in cities including Chennai and 3km within a defence airport. Nano drones, which weigh 250g, too need identification numbers, a operators permit and a flight plan to be flown above 50ft.
The aviation regulator has been issuing a unique identification number for drones used in airspace controlled by air traffic controllers while Chennai airport too has been getting requests to approve drone flights. The use of drones,…