Autonomous Drones Could Track Down Meteorite Falls in the Future

Every day, our planet is bombarded with hundreds of pieces of natural space debris like chunks of comets or asteroids. Some of these rocks survive their journeys through the atmosphere and end up in remote areas or in the oceans, making the task of locating them extremely hard. But now, there’s a new tech that scientists can make use of that could be used to hunt them down.

Collecting freshly fallen meteorites, especially those who are monitored, is crucial for understanding where they came from, what’s their story and how meteorite impacts could affect our future here on Earth. Even though the researchers’ ability to locate meteorite falls is improving, recovering them is still a difficult task due to the large regions obscured by topography and vegetation.

To address that issue, a team of researchers from the University of California has published a new study in which they propose using drones and machine learning to perform automated searches for these alien rocks. So how would…