There’s no question that DJI holds the lion’s share of the drone market. There’s also no question that its products are really well-built and have a ton of top-notch engineering packed in. But we’ve got this nagging question: Why are all of its drone products based on the standard multi-rotor design?

It’s kind of funny. We’ve been kicking around this idea for a post for a few weeks. And then, yesterday, a paramedic who uses drones in his work (and is very skilled with them), raised the same question. In a DM, he wrote: “I do wish DJI would release a fixed-wing.”

And that was the nudge we needed.

Quadcopter heritage

There can be no question that DJI is the pioneer that truly created the consumer drone industry. We remember watching early YouTube videos of flight controller and GPS unit tests and being astounded by watching engineers give hovering drones a shove, only for the machines to return to their original spot in a rock-steady hover. Products like the…