Thales Announces Drone Range of 62 Miles

When it comes to drone technology, it’s all about reaching the point where drones can fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). As drone technology advances, companies are increasingly making announcements like this most recent one from drone maker France-based Thales, which just completed the first flight of a half-scale prototype of its UAS 100 long-range unmanned air system.

In construction, this is important because it brings the industry one step closer to an increased use of drones on job sites, to collect data, take aerial photos, monitor project progress and inspect structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure. To make drones more of a reality on job sites, drone technology needs to advance, especially in terms of how far drones can fly and how much weight they can carry, among other factors. 

Developed in partnership with Issoire Aviation and Hionos, and with the support of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces via the Defence Innovation Agency (AID), the Thales…