NGOs in Kenya using ‘drones for good’ to reverse ecological decline

A leading Kenyan non-governmental organization has teamed up with a group that uses drone and robotics for public benefit in a reforestation effort to turn back one region’s steady environmental decline. Their goal: prepare and plant indigenous trees that have vanished across 2,250 acres of decimated countryside.

Droning for (tree planting) good

World Vision Kenya and partner Kenya Flying Labs have launched the reforestation effort in Tana River County, an enormous area in the southeastern portion of the country. Decades of unsustainable farming methods, tree felling for fire fuel, and expedient land clearance has left vast sections of the county barren. Perhaps worse still, places that have experienced regrowth have been overrun by the invasive Mathenge tree species. The groups’ joint effort seeks to reverse the ecological decline of affected zones that have suffered negative effects in climate change, local economic activity, and food production.

The stakes are…