Photo by Chris Rose high school aviation STEM education

Photo by Chris Rose

The drone industry could face a massive shortage of qualified pilots, as flight beyond visual line of sight, drone delivery, cargo drones, and passenger aircraft become a reality.   The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Foundation’s High School Aviation STEM Curriculum is working to meet those needs by introducing aviation carreers – both manned and unmanned – to a new generation of pilots.  Now, AOPA’s High School Aviation STEM Curriculum has received two accreditation honors from the independent credentialing and education research organization

AOPA has taken a leading role in educating pilots and supporting the inclusion of drone pilots into the NAS.  The AOPA foundation is in a unique position to offer high school aviation education: this new accreditation may make it easier for schools to adopt their curriculum and help high school students connect with aviation careers.

The high school curriculum and corresponding materials…