And they’re off! UK drone pilots feed live horse race videos to betting rings

The good folk of Worcester, England, are up in arms – necks craned skyward – about unruly mobs regularly taking over a favorite park. And not just any crowd: groups of drone pilots who occupy certain sections of the area to film horse races at the adjacent track, and feed their video live to betting rings.

Live drone videos of races give watching gamblers advantage in betting

The number and noise of pilots and drones who camp out in Worcester’s Lansdowne Park on race days is bad enough, locals say. But when residents got fed up with both and asked fliers to take their gear somewhere else, the unwelcome visitors either ignored the pleas or got rather shirty. Even the intervention of local officials and police has failed to curtail the activity – which is apparently valuable enough to gambling rings for pilots to resist losing their presumably decent payout.

“From speaking to the drone operators, it has become clear that they are using drones to film the horse races…