Your own personal drone delivery mailbox for $1,500

Does owning a personal drone delivery mailbox sound like a far-fetched dream to you? Valqari, a drone delivery solutions company, is working to make this dream a reality for hundreds of families this year. And that too for just under $1,500. Here are the deets…

The last-inch delivery problem

Valqari is a Chicago-based startup working to solve the “last-inch” logistical problems. Yes, that’s the last inch of the last mile.

How do you guarantee that the parcel is being delivered to the right person? What can you do to make sure that the package is not getting damaged while being dropped? How do you avoid parcel theft from the front porch?

To solve these issues, Valqari creates automated multi-package drone delivery boxes. These huge devices give drones a safe and convenient landing space when delivering packages. Company cofounder Ryan Walsh explains:

When a drone is about 100 feet away from the mailbox, it starts pinging the mailbox to determine if it’s in the…