pilot passenger drones

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Who will pilot passenger drones and air taxis? As urban air mobility and other advanced air mobility projects advance, a workforce shortage looms.   Aviation training firm CAE and urban air mobility pioneer Volocopter have partnered to train the pilots that the industry will desperately need.

Urban air mobility, drone taxis, flying cars, passenger drones, and other electic vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) innovations are often discussed in terms of autonomous flight and unmanned systems.  As cities begin to allow eVTOL aircraft to integrate into the transportation systems, however, they will be piloted: at least at first.  Many designs offer a high degree of autonomy, and may be used as unmanned systems as regulations allow.  In the decades that it will take to gather sufficient safety data and move through processes until that happens, up to 60,000 new pilots for passenger drones will be needed.

Now, aviation training firm CAE and Volocopter have…


Source: dronelife.com