Total strangers to San Francisco know these beauties. The Victorian homes are a city landmark, even featured in the credits of the old Full House TV series. But even those lucky enough to visit or live in the city rarely see the interiors. Take this FPV drone tour of a Painted Lady. . 

Drone pilot Reza Kurniawan accepted an invitation to fly through 712 Steiner Street, entering the front door, and leaving through the top floor bedroom window with a view of Alamo Square Park. His company, Space Monkey, specializes in shooting real estate footage. As we’ve seen, FPV flying indoors requires lots of skill, but even more when confines are as narrows as this.

However, Kurniawan says his drone is so light, even a crash wouldn’t cause much damage.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an easy flight, but it wouldn’t damage the property.”

The homeowner, George Horsfall, reached out to Kurniawan because he was a fan of his work.

Take this FPV drone tour of a Painted Lady