Diversity in the Drone Industry: North Texas UAS

diversity in droneMaggie Schuster and North Central Texas are working towards greater diversity in the drone industry – critical for expansion and growth.

North Central Texas – Leading the Way in Developing a Diverse Drone Workforce!

The autonomous flight ecosystem of tomorrow requires a concerted effort to create a diverse workforce today.  Last year, a study by the Vertical Flight Society (VFS) indicated that military and civilian commercial electric VTOL aircraft sectors will require 10,000 additional vertical flight-related engineers over the next decade. Only five years from now, the agricultural drone market should be worth more than $8,000M, with drone deliveries a close second at about $7,000M. Besides engineers, pilots, attorneys, maintainers will be needed to support these industries, as will career fields we have not even yet begun to fathom. One group leads the pack on developing the diverse team we need: The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the North…