drone adoption

What is the most important factor driving enterprise drone adoption?  In this DRONELIFE Exclusive interview with senseFly‘s Pierre-Alain Marchand, Regulatory Compliance Manager: a drone manufacturer’s viewpoint.

The Factor Driving Enterprise Drone Adoption Right Now

senseFly’s iconic eBee has made an industry name as a lightweight, long endurance aircraft ideal for distance: from agriculture to large scale surveying.  Those features make senseFly products ideal for many applications beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS): which Marchand says is becoming a critical factor for enterprise customers around the world.

Marchand says that recent efforts by regulators around the world to simplify and clarify regulations could signal the start of commonplace and accessible BVLOS flights – and wider enterprise drone adoption.

“Successfully implementing BVLOS flights into workflows is becoming more important to our customers. When flown BVLOS, fixed-wing drones can cover vast…


Source: dronelife.com