German inks deal creating four models of future UAM activity

The German government has signed accords with authorities in four localities designed to kick the nation’s urban air mobility UAM) development into higher gear. The move follows efforts across Europe, Asia, and by some US states to both enhance and coordinate emerging means of UAM at faster rates.

Development accord brings all German UAM actors together

The agreements were signed between central German government ministries and Aachen, Ingolstadt, Hamburg, and North Hesse, which will act as the nation’s UAM models. The objectives mirror those in similar projects already launched elsewhere: bringing all actors of UAM manufacturing, service, infrastructure, and use together in the hopes of creating synergies to both accelerate and improve development. At the same time, those coordinated efforts will serve as a framework within which collective best practices and regulations can be established to the benefit of all actors involved.

“Today we are starting a new…