Elsight Halo Value Investment Program for BVLOS Flight

connectivity for drones halo investment VIP

Israel’s Elsight believes that flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) is the future of the drone industry.  They’re willing to put their money on the line to help companies get there faster: with the Halo Value Investment Program.

Elsight’s Halo is a drone communications system – one that provides the rock-solid, secure connection between drone and operator required to enable BVLOS flight at scale.  As regulators move towards regularizing BVLOS flight, Elsight wants to get Halo into the hands of drone manufacturers and commercial drone companies everywhere – and to help them get to the benefits of BVLOS flight quickly.  The company is so sure that BVLOS operations will provide value, they’re willing to invest up front. Elsight has now launched the Halo Value Investment Program (VIP) for the commercial BVLOS market.

“Accelerating the growth of the commercial drone industry is a corporate mission pillar for Elsight,” Asaf Raz, Director of Marketing, tells…