UK NGO using drones to clear minefields in elephant migration corridor

A British non-governmental organization is working with the government of Angola to clear mines from one of Africa’s largest and most diverse wildlife areas. Among the goals in making the region safer for all life in it is to allow tens of thousands of elephants trapped in neighboring Botswana to return to their native Angolan habitat.

Drone flying to detect civil war-era mines in natural reserve

The Halo Trust has been one of the leading global organizations working to clear minefields left in the wake of wars in recent decades around the world. In addition to its campaign clearing some 153 mined areas created during Angola’s 1975-2002 civil war, it is now also focusing on efforts to rid the Kavango-Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) of hidden explosives. That five-country zone is home to the famous Okavango Delta that boasts some of the world’s most diverse and thriving wildlife. But the abundance of mines in the Angolan sector has made it…