These videos have become as predictable as fireworks themselves: Drones, getting as close to the action as possible. Some flights are made with permission, some (most likely) are not.

It’s been quite a few years now, since the first person had the idea of flying their drone amid a fireworks display. It was a viral hit, and certainly provided a perspective you’d never get from the ground. There was also a lot of discussion about the legality (or lack thereof) of such flights. The FAA is pretty clear on this: Don’t fly your drone near fireworks unless you have specific authorization to do so.

And while we consider it part of our job here to point out regulations and try to ensure pilots are fully informed, we’re not the drone police. But we did figure, since these are out there and online, we’d grab a few so you could have a look.

July 4

We took in some of the US celebrations last night via television, and there’s no doubt some of the fireworks were unbelievably…