Enjoying hobby flight is a changing beast these days and drones typically add a new layer to it all. The machines of old took to the sky without a camera, or they hauled a GoPro to capture footage to watch later. The modern drone packs a camera, sometimes a really good camera, but does more than just capture footage for later viewing.

DJI Digital FPV system Goggles on head front

Live streaming video from the sky is a great way to experience drone flight. Putting that video in front of your eyes can be done in a number of ways, today we’ll look at the three most popular as we discuss the pros and cons of each. If you need a teaser, FPV is very helpful for orienting yourself in the sky with a camera drone, and all but required if you’re racing around a track, but a little screen on your remote might be enough for a basic flight.

Legal and safety

Legal and safety

Most places in the world enforce line-of-sight rules for flight. It is really as simple as it sounds, you must be able to see your drone by eye at all…


Source: dronerush.com