A recent Vivo patent showed a smartphone equipped with a mini drone camera, making it the first smartphone concept capable of taking aerial shots! Full details, including the leaked design of the device, are available below.

Camera performance is one of the biggest factors consumers look for when buying their smartphones. Mobile photography features a lot of different categories like selfies, wide-angle, HDR and scenic. However, no smartphone ever takes aerial images because it is a feature that remains impossible.

Far more advanced than a three-legged stand or selfie stick, Vivo conceptualized a new smartphone with a built-in drone camera!

Vivo Drone Phone Leaked!

Slashgear reported Vivo’s latest design for a smartphone equipped with a quadcopter drone to take images from above. The report included an image leak titled “Smartphone with flying camera.” It shows the different components of the quadcopter drone and how it would fit inside the smartphone device.



Source: www.itechpost.com