teledyne acquires FLIR

Teledyne acquires FLIR for $8.2 billion, and rebrands FLIR’s thermal imaging solutions as Teledyne FLIR.

Teledyne Technologies (NASDAQ: TDY) announced just this week that the acquisition of FLIR (NASDAQ: FLIR) was completed, giving the details of the transaction in a press release and providing media sources with the new Teledyne FLIR logo.

In the drone industry, FLIR has taken a major position as a provider of thermal imaging sensors and solutions.  FLIR’s thermal imaging sensors have become critical tools for public safety, search and rescue, inspections, and more.  In recent years, FLIR expanded into drone hardware, acquiring drone manufacturers Aeryon and Altavian, which enabled FLIR to offer complete solutions to defense and commercial customers.

FLIR’s drone team contributed significantly to the drone industry.  Randall Warnas (now CEO of Autel Robotics) and Brett Kanda (now VP of Sales and Marketing at BRINC Drones) were well-known ambassadors for FLIR sensors,…