Skyports is currently building the world’s first passenger air taxi vertiport in Singapore.

In this in-depth interview from her Drones at Dawn podcast series, Rex Alexander of Five-Alpha discusses what it will take to build out vertiport infrastructure to enable urban air mobility.

By: Dawn Zoldi

As infrastructure bills flow through the halls of Congress, many different groups vie for funds. For advanced air mobility (AAM), money is but one piece of the puzzle. Regulations, building and operational standards, and public acceptance all must fall into place before AAM can become a reality. This is a two-part series in Q&A format with some of the most formidable experts in the AAM space. Here, we interview Rex Alexander, President of Five-Alpha, world-renowned heliport – now vertiport- expert, about what we need to enable AAM, from the ground up.

Q: Can you each tell us about your background?

A:  I have been involved in aviation in one way or another since about 1976 when I…