FIMI MINI Pro battery review

The FIMI MINI is advertised with two types of batteries, but everyone believed that the Pro LIPO pack is just a mith. FirstQuadcopter is between the first drone blogs that test and review the FIMI X8 MINI Pro battery. We will also compare the performance of the Standard versus the Pro battery pack, of course.

FIMI advertises the X8 MINI as a 250g-class, drone but when you are put it on a scale, you will be surprised that actually has 259 grams with a standard battery. The extra 9 grams did not seem too much, but in most countries are lenient rules for drones under 250 grams. With the so aimed Pro battery, the take-off weight is just 245 grams. Furthermore, FIMI promises 1 minute of extra flight time with the lighter Pro battery.

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FIMI MINI Pro battery review

Disclosure: I received the Pro battery as part of a product review collaboration with FIMI. Although the LIPO was offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own,…