DJI has released an updated version of its FLY app. And, as usual, there are some goodies in there that make it worth updating.

It’s time for a fresh download, and that time is now. This is especially true if you’ve got your eyes on the new MINI SE, which appears to be a repackaged Mavic Mini with some slight cosmetic changes at a bargain-basement price. In fact, DroneDJ‘s Ishveena Singh wrote about the MINI SE’s availability in Malaysia and its anticipated global release earlier today.

And the MINI SE? That’s one of the big reasons for the upgrade.

Version 1.4.8

DJI has been busy. Just one week ago, it released version 1.4.4, which dealt with a few quirks and optimized overall app quality. And now there’s a new version. And the biggest reason why? This:

The DJI MINI SE – coming soon to a Big Box near you

Yes, it’s because of the MINI SE – which appears to be on the verge of an almost global release. We say “almost” because apparently it will not be…