German cargo giant Hellmann to launch long-distance EU drone delivery service

German freight forwarding heavyweight Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has announced it will start using drones for deliveries across Europe in 2022. The move is seen in large part as a workaround solution to the major and continuing disruptions in traditional supply chains created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drones to delivery goods from Stockholm to Seville

Hellmann says it’s teaming up with Bulgarian drone service provider Dronamics to launch middle-mile delivery of time-sensitive goods throughout the European Union (EU). Dronamics’ autonomous Black Swan craft have considerable payload and distance capacities to take on long, cross-border missions. Hellmann will rely on those to speed deliveries of vaccines, plasma, medicine, machine replacement parts, and other critically needed freight to final destinations ranging from the north of Finland to southern Portugal. 

In doing so, the partners will replicate a trend witnessed across global supply chains that have been…