Queensland using drones to protect swimmers and sharks alike

The Australian state of Queensland has said it’s again turning to drones to ensure the safety of its beaches. But in addition to its use of craft to identify and rescue swimmers in danger of drowning, Queensland is also deploying them to protect sharks that may happen to be passing through.

Drones as an alternative to options lethal to sharks and other marine life

Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said Tuesday it is moving to extend trial use of drones to spot sharks at designated beaches. The measure is considered an alternative to anti-shark nets and baited drumline traps that have proven highly destructive to all sorts of marine life. By demonstrating the efficiency of drones in identifying sharks and alerting swimmers to their presence, authorities and environmentalist backers hope to end decades of culling campaigns that have decimated shark populations.

Queensland has been a leader in experimenting with uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) to patrol…