It’s rare to catch a clear, simple glimpse of how increased drone use could benefit a society. Now a vivid example has surfaced: The state of Ohio is set to rake in over $13 billion by 2046 from advanced air mobility (AAM) services alone if it starts planning for that activity now.

Report urges Ohio to embrace AAM now

A study issued by Crown Consulting Inc. for the Ohio Department of Transportation detailed the potential riches of AAM businesses operating amid a supportive environment and infrastructure. But it also noted state leaders need to move in a quick and determined manner, and overcome baked-in temptations to delay investment and legislative groundwork necessary for AAM to take root and flourish.

At stake, said Crown Consulting Crown senior director of aerospace systems, Rubén Del Rosario, are 15,000 new jobs; $2.5 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenues; and 1.6% GDP growth expected to be produced over the next 25 years by AAM operations.