No drones: FAA flight restrictions in place near condo collapse

The tragic partial collapse of a condominium complex in south Florida has resulted in the FAA issuing a temporary flight restriction, or TFR, for the airspace surrounding the disaster site.

Drones can be incredibly useful tools when disaster strikes. First responders can use them for near-instantaneous situational awareness, giving them a “big picture” of what’s taking place on the ground. Thermal sensors can (and have) helped detect survivors trapped in rubble. Plus, of course, much more.

Sometimes, unfortunately, disasters also attract pilots who want to take a look for themselves, or potentially to obtain footage to sell to news organizations (though a growing number of newsrooms now have someone on staff with Part 107 certification).

Drones and aircraft can interfere…

Those extra drones buzzing around? Or news helicopters? They’re the last thing first responders want.

As first responders pick their way through the rubble, any hope for survivors is rapidly…