You’re likely familiar with Spot by now. That’s the robot/rover/drone developed by Boston Dynamics, a world leader in robotics. And the company has just released a pretty mind-blowing video to mark its recent majority acquisition by Hyundai Motor Group.

You really have to hand it to Boston Dynamics on a couple of counts. The first, of course, is that it’s got some amazing technology packed into its robotic devices. In fact, we wrote the other day about how Spot has been put to work autonomously exploring caves; a task that could eventually be put to use in the exploration for life on other planets, particularly Mars.

But the company has done something else remarkable. It has totally revamped its public image.

Boston Dynamics

Not so long ago, Boston Dynamics was releasing very different videos from what we’ve seen over the last couple of years. These videos, usually demonstrating prototypes of various rover designs, were intended to highlight the technological…