Infrastructure Drone Startup Skyfish Secures $20 Million Investment

Montana-based drone maker Skyfish has recently received attention, and funding, from investors for its engineering-focused technology. The company is reporting it secured more than $20 million in Series Seed funding led by Henry Wolfond, CEO of Bayshore Capital and Steven Bernstein, chairman of SBA Communications.

The Skyfish team have invented an autonomous work drone for scanning infrastructure that enables detailed centimeter-grade measurements of not only cell towers, but many critical infrastructure targets like; power lines, dams, bridges, electrical sub stations, wind turbines and airports, Bernstein says. 

“After speaking with Skyfish customers, we quickly understood that Skyfish is unique in the commercial drone world, producing precise ‘engineering grade’ drone-enabled photogrammetry and 3D models of infrastructure,” he says. “These are the best cell tower digital-twin models I’ve seen and could significantly enhance the cell tower industry’s inspection,…