Drones in India: Who can buy them, what are usage conditions and how govt is controlling drone use

Drones are fast bringing the next big technology revolution around the globe. The major reason is the vast number of applications that they account for, from simple drone photography to delivering small payloads from one place to another.

The list is potentially endless. In most use cases, such drones are tiny, agile and able to access areas that would be near impossible for humans. Their use for spraying insecticides over a field and installing sensors deep in the jungles for forest monitoring are just a couple of example of how they can help.

Though just like any other technology, their use depends largely on the intentions of the human flying it. This means drones can potentially be used for illegal or destructive activities by miscreants, like the recent drone attack at the Indian Air Force station in Jammu.

Not to forget, they can just as easily malfunction, causing unintended harm to others. It is, thus, very important to regulate their ownership and use. The government of…