The Federal Aviation Administration has put flight restrictions into place in an area of Arizona affected by ongoing wildfires. That means no drone flights in the area — unless you are directly involved with operations and/or have a special waiver granting you permission.

Every year, the following two things happen: Wildfires break out in the US, and someone still flies their drone over or near the area for a better look. Some pilots do so out of ignorance, some might be trying to obtain footage to commercialize, and some just deliberately break the rules hoping they won’t be caught.

To paraphrase Nike: Just don’t do it.

Drones and wildfires don’t mix

Fighting wildfires is dangerous business. It’s difficult and hazardous work on the ground, and it’s also difficult work for airborne support. Water tankers and other aircraft carrying fire-suppressing materials are usually dispatched and flying at low altitudes. The last thing they need is a drone popping up in the…