iBubble automated marine drone follows and films a diver’s every move

There are almost countless options for aspiring and expert drone pilots to get maximum enjoyment and video footage from of their excursions in the skies. The choice is far more limited for people who prefer getting away from it all beneath the waves. Automated marine drone iBubble is one of those – assuring optimal film documentation for all kinds of undersea divers.

Undersea drone for pro, eco, and pleasure users

The iBubble is made by French startup Notilo Plus, and promises to trail divers as they inspect marine life, come snorkel-to-nose with fish, or pursue work restoring damaged coral. Just this week, Australian eco-tourism operator Passions of Paradise announced it’s using iBubble drones to capture essential data about the evolving state of a Great Barrier Reef section its divers are working to restore.

“Video and photos of the areas surveyed are part of the reporting requirements and allow us a complete recording of our activities, which we can edit into…