A couple of pieces of eye candy here: one phenomenal still image, plus a great little FPV zip that’s getting some buzz on Reddit.

You know that saying: “Move along, nothing to see here.” Well, it doesn’t apply to this post. We’ve got a couple of little gems that are really worth your time. Especially since it won’t take much of that time at all to check them both out.

Let’s dive in.

Baby shark

Okay, it might not be a baby. We couldn’t check – but we also couldn’t resist using the line. But the real thing here is the photo, taken by Instagram creator and nature photographer sujugasim. The image we’re about to see was taken in the Maldives, and DJI picked it up to share on its own IG feed this week.

Have a look and you’ll see why:

While looking at this image again now, we had a very brief moment of wondering if it might possibly have been taken underwater looking up. You can see how it might appear that way, as the sandy bottom also looks like it…


Source: dronedj.com