Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Group Partners ANRA Techn

Hyundai urban air mobility ANRAThe Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Division has announced a new partnership with ANRA Technologies to begin developing the operating environment for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.

Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility group has a vision of urban air mobility (UAM) – or advanced air mobility (AAM) – that is based on the idea of interconnected mobility solutions.  Hyundai’s concept includes flying cars which they refer to as Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs), purpose built ground-based vehicles (PBVs) and a hub, which would link air-based vehicles, ground-based vehicles, and their passengers.  “Based on three interconnected mobility solutions, Hyundai aims to free future cities and people from the constraints of time and distance and allow them to inject more opportunities into their day-to-day,” says the Hyundai urban air mobility website.

The new partnership with ANRA is the start of an industry consortium that Hyundai plans to establish to build out the AAM operating…