Hyundai, ANRA Technologies, team on Advanced Air Mobility

Will flying taxis be part of the future? We believe the answer is a definitive “yes,” and an increasing number of major companies are preparing themselves for the future. Among them? A division of Hyundai Motor Group.

First, a quick recap on Urban Air Mobility or UAM. This phrase is increasingly being used as we head into an era where new and different types of air traffic are routinely flying at low altitudes over urban areas. These vehicles include drones on delivery, as well as new types of personal aerial transport, both crewed and pilotless. So yes, we envision (as do others) a day when you might be able to summon a drone taxi with an app on your phone, climb in, and get out on the other side of a major city.

Building on the UAM concept is something called Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), which takes things a step further. AAM is not specific to urban centres and might involve commercial inter-city flight, as well as private/recreational vehicles. (The FAA has a good…