Europe drone sector heavyweights unite for data privacy protection

Leading players in Europe’s drone sector have banded together to create the Drones4Sec “action tank,” whose objectives include coordinating the increased use of efficient uncrewed aerial systems and automated applications with maximal respect for data protection.

Parrot initially piloting Drones4Sec European federation

Launched Tuesday in Paris, Drones4Sec describes itself as Europe’s first federation of security drones. It says its mission is to “to defend a model of European sovereignty in the field of robotics and drones, by encouraging innovation and intra-European technological cooperation, and to convince decision-makers of the need for data protection.” Given the dramatically increasing use of drones and automated technologies in ever-expanding aspects of private life and business, concern about the collection and protection of data in those activities is rising across Europe. Drones4Sec is a direct response to such worries.

Those run particularly high…